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What is an EMS?

A seafood environmental management system is a tool for fishers and the onshore seafood sector that can be applied for a process of continual planning, implementing, reviewing and improving their business practices to manage risks and identify opportunities relating to:

  • the environment
  • food safety and quality
  • occupational health and safety
  • community engagement and education
  • profitability
  • business structure

The QSIA Seafood EMS project for Queensland has been funded by the Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry (DAFF). The project is managed by QSIA and delivers to industry the opportunity to become a Fisher for the Environment.

Fisheries Performance as indicated by the EMS Process

Commercial fisheries of Queensland are highly regulated. This includes fishing apparatus and vessel restrictions, closures, quotas, total allowable catches, permitted species and fish sizes. Risk Assessments undertaken during the development of Queensland fisheries EMS indicate:

  • That the majority of risks identified for Queensland’s fisheries are already addressed through legislated controls and Voluntary Industry Codes of Practice.
  • that there are a number of external risks to the marine environment and fish stocks that include; urban development and rural land use adjacent to waterways and recreational fishing and boating.

The EMS has revealed the long held belief of fishers that the basis for sustaining a progressive and prosperous seafood industry into the future is with conscientious and environmentally aware fishers actions which include;

  • Developing an abatement plan for the interaction with dugong and endangered species awareness – a precursor to legislation;
  • Working with government on R & D to protect the aquatic flora and fauna, collaboratively developing By-catch Reduction Devices and Turtle Excluders Devices and fishing apparatus gear selectivity such as net mesh sizing and crab pot design; .
  • Adapting fishing vessel design to reduce emissions, energy consumption and interaction with vulnerable species;
  • Engaging the community and stakeholders in the seafood industry- and respecting the cultural values.

EMS Regions of Queensland

Hinchinbrook Region – Fisheries Net/Line/Crab
Wide Bay Burnett/ Great Sandy Straits Fisheries – Net/Line/Crab/ Inshore Trawl
Sunshine and Cooloola Coasts – Fisheries Net/Line/Crab and Trawl
Moreton Bay – Fisheries Net/Crab/Line/Trawl
Gulf of Carpentaria – Fisheries Net/Crab/Line
Mackay Region- Fishers Code of Conduct

EMS Hinchinbrook Video

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